Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga that awakens the spiritual aspect of self. It is often called “yoga of awareness.” It was impacted by Shakti and Tantra school of Hinduism. Kundalini yoga is not to be mistaken as a religion, although its purpose is to exhibit awareness in the spiritual realm. Other techniques are still incorporated in Kundalini yoga such as hatha yoga, kriya yoga, and tantric visualizations as well as meditation. The concept of Kundalini yoga is a spiritual energy or force that is pinpointed at the base of the spine similar to Muladhara. The coiled snake serves the purpose of activating all seven chakras by the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve controls the parasympathetic branch which prevents the fight or flight response. Naturally, when the brain senses fear or danger adrenaline is released causing our body to react impulsively. However, the vagus nerves mediate this section of the brain causing us to be poised, safe, and calm. 

The coiled snake or Kundalini energy begins at the base and can uncoil throughout the chakras. There are many reasons for this such as life events or spiritual activities. When breathing, the snake is established in the third chakra (Manipura) and then moves to the first and second chakra. It travels up to the brain to connect the pituitary and pineal gland which is referred to as a golden cord. Through practicing Kundalini yoga, one can expect to acknowledge their purpose. The coiled up snake shares commonalities amongst other cultures such as Native American, Taoism, Tantric Buddhism, and much more. 

Meditation In Kundalini 

Just like meditation sheds light on conscious and subconscious thoughts, Kundalini arouses the spiritual awakening in oneself. The visualizations one may receive can be both triggering and beneficial. Meditations in Kundalini energy are reflections on one’s spiritual path. It can possibly encourage one to make different lifestyle choices to achieve the desired spiritual state. On the contrary, the revelations behind Kundalini can be intimidating for beginners so it is always important to understand that this isn’t a mental breakdown, but an experience that can be life-changing. 

Benefits Of Kundalini Yoga 

The benefits of practicing Kundalini yoga are vast. 

One benefit in practicing Kundalini is the protection against negative energy or influence in your life. Similar to meditation, focusing on staying grounded and staying true to yourself is very essential. As mentioned before, the vagus nerve alleviates the sympathetic system which enables us to remain calm. It cleanses unwanted thoughts and aids in responding better to emotions and feelings. Amongst protecting negative energy and emotional balance, it also relaxes the body and the mind. Regularly practicing everyday can bring resilience in defeating everyday stress. Consistency is the key when it comes to developing a better version of self. Overcoming stress, finding emotional balance, and staying grounded will become second nature when you realize feeding into distractions deter you from achieving a higher level of self-awareness. When you are beginning to feel stress, you can apply to meditate or practice Kundalini yoga, and attack stressors head on. 

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