Three Reminders for a Morning Yoga Practice

Beginning the day with yoga is an excellent way to center yourself before the frantic pace of a busy workday. It can be challenging to roll out of bed and head straight to your yoga mat, but dedication to your yoga practice allows you to reap lots of many benefits. Yogis who maintain a regular morning practice feel refreshed heading into their day, being able to connect with their breath, intention, and thoughts. 

With all of the benefits yogis experience that stem from a morning yoga practice, you may think that it is a no-brainer to roll out your mat in the morning. Unfortunately, it isn’t always so simple, so here are a few reminders for your morning practice. 

Prepare The Night Before 

Whether you have a steady home practice or head to a local yoga studio bright and early, you need to prepare to practice the night before. Yogis who attend a class should pack their yoga bag early, keep a water bottle filled and ready in the refrigerator, and have their outfit laid out. If you practice at home, you may want to go ahead and roll out your mat, have your props handy, and keep a glass of water near your practice space. 

When you prepare the night before, you don’t have many excuses not to follow through in the morning. It is easier to convince yourself that your yoga practice is worth losing a few minutes of sleep each morning. 

You Need A Practice That You Love 

You will only be motivated to work out if you actually enjoy the activity. The same truth applies to your yoga practice. You will only want to roll out of bed on the dark mornings to practice if you genuinely love what you’re doing. There are many different varieties and styles of yoga available to practice, so experiment with a few to see what you like most.

Many yogis prefer a sequence that builds heat to help them generate more energy for their day. Try to stay away from gentler varieties, such as Yin yoga, if you plan to maintain a morning practice. That may relax you back to your sleep-induced haze instead of preparing you for the busy day you have planned. 

Get Enough Rest 

Your body will only be able to tolerate rising early if it is receiving enough rest throughout the night. Don’t expect to begin a morning practice that requires an hour to complete while still keeping the same bedtime and sleep habits. You may find yourself needing to doze off earlier in the evening than you did before. 

Even if you don’t feel tired enough to actually fall asleep, lying in bed can be a great way to prime your body and mind for sleep. Over time, you will become accustomed to this earlier sleeping time and find yourself getting more rest than before. It ensures that you have enough energy to get the most out of your morning practice day after day.

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